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When Mother’s Day Isn’t So Happy

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Mother’s Day is approaching and not everyone will have a happy one. You may have recently lost your mom or maybe it has been several years but you still feel the sting. I know how it feels and I am “happy” to say time has made it better for me along with a few lessons from the Lord. 

I don’t often share about my mom’s “going home” because it’s always so painful. Grieving her was longer than I would’ve liked it to be but God taught me so many things through it. Now don’t get me wrong, I could cry at any moment about her not being here but I have chosen to see what God wanted me to learn through the grieving process. 

I’m not going to lie, the past seven years since my mom passed away have been really difficult. God has given me so much grace. Even though He didn’t take away my grief, He helped me through the process. I’m grateful that I have come to a place where I find it easier (at times) to share fun memories about her … and lessons Jesus taught me through those “dark days.”

Life Lessons:

1. After my mom went to be with Jesus, I was “obsessed” with exactly where she went. I had to find out about heaven, specifically, “Where is heaven?” I received some comfort from the movie/book “Heaven Is For Real” and the devotional by Todd and Sonia Burpo, “Heaven Changes Everything”. If you know me, then you know I’m a movie buff – reading, not so much. So, for me to have read the book and the devotional – it had to be good! 

Sadly, neither the movie, book, nor devotional told me where heaven is, so comprehending it became an obsession. I wasn’t close to becoming an atheist, but I could get a sense of why they are not believers. 

Before losing my mom, I never thought much about heaven. After she passed away, I was confronted with my disbelief – IS Heaven for real? I know He saved me, but will I truly go somewhere after I die? 

One day a friend, much younger than me, told me that you have to believe the whole Bible. She said, “You can’t pick and choose what you want to believe.”

Shortly after she shared those words with me, a good friend passed away. The skepticism crept in, “Is she in heaven, wherever that is?” You may not believe this, but I promise you, I felt the Lord loose His patience with me as He told me where Heaven is. Ready for it? He told me, “It’s where I put it!” I had to choose. Do I believe Him or not? Joyfully, it became clear that it’s a matter of F A I T H. Just like when I decided to believe that He died for me, I needed to B E L I E V E  that my mom is in heaven with Him (where He put it).

2. Honestly, I was angry with God. I thought God and I were close. I felt blindsided by my mother’s death. He could have “trusted me” by giving me some “feeling” this might happen. After all, when my dad passed away, I knew it would happen. Why not with my Mom?

This time the Lord spoke to me through the TobyMac song “Beyond Me.”

I listened to it over and over again.


That You gave me the stars, put them out of my reach
Call me to waters a little too deep
Oh, I've never been so aware of my need
You keep on makin' me see
It's way beyond me
It's way beyond me
Yeah, it's out of my league
It's way beyond me
It's way beyond me

At Toby’s concert, when he sang this song, God spoke to me, “Faye, we are close – I get why you are angry, but no matter how much you learn about Me, serve Me, enjoy Me – there is one thing I always want you to remember – you have a deep need for Me.”  Once I heard that in my heart, the anger subsided and I got it. He wants me to always remember – I. Need. Him.  I cognitively knew I needed Him, but He wanted to cement that in my heart. I am “happy” He did.

I’ll end with a sweet word another young believer spoke into me. My oh-so-wise daughter, who was six at the time said, “I know you are sad that your mom is gone but we are your family now.” Oh dear – that swells my eyes with tears and makes me “happy” too. 

Even if Mother’s Day isn’t as “happy” as you think it should be, take time to let the Lord speak to you, hold you close, and show you the “happy” He has for you in His presence.  

Faye Morgan, founder of Next Level Moms, has been involved in women’s ministry for more than 20 years. Her heartbeat is to connect, inspire and equip moms to a more fulfilling mom life.  She lives in South Florida with her husband Scott and enjoys being the mom of 2 competitive long distance runners, having lunch with friends, and watching movies in her spare time. 


7 comments on “When Mother’s Day Isn’t So Happy

  1. Hi Faye wow thank you for sharing this with us. We need to hear about how God works in each of our lives. He is so loving and patient with us. God showed you truth He is in control and we need to just trust him and cling to him alone. when we are sad lonely and desperate He will never leave or forsake us. Your momma is with our Father and King and we too will be there one day. What a glorious day it will be. He is so good how he made us momma’s too so I hope you do have a sweet mother’s day. To Him alone be the glory!!!!

  2. Avatar for Faye Morgan

    Pamela Casanova

    Powerful, thank you for sharing. God is faithful!

  3. Thank you for sharing Faye. I too lost my mom, which was unexpectedly harder than I thought would be.❤️

  4. What a powerful testimony to Our Heavenly Father walking you patiently through the grieving process and being so patient with confronted doubts. Also a reminder that He is always there and He promises to never leave us. Thank you for your being vulnerable to share your personal story and journey so it can connect, inspire and equip others to not lose their faith in the hard times of life. It is okay to wrestle at times when life hits us hard. But to stand firm in our faith and rest in God’s sovereignty. It will be a wonderful day when those who have lost their moms, loved ones will be reunited in heaven ✝️ where they is no more pain, sorrow or death. Thank you Jesus!!! I look forward to having your mom meet my mom. 💗 What a glorious day it will be! 🌟Happy Mother’s Day!🌷Hugs!🙏

  5. Wow, I loved this. It’s simply brilliant! I remember your mom so often. I know she is smiling because since she has been gone we get closer every year. We need Jesus more than we know sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Thank you for writing this and sharing all you have experienced in seeing sweet Maria off to heaven. She was a super great mom who was so proud of you and yours. Her moving was very sudden and we didn’t get to prepare at all, but she has to be so happy at how you have pushed through the grief and honored her life! So proud of you.

  7. Thank you for sharing your heart! Your words will definitely help others as they walk through dark and difficult seasons in their lives. Our Lord is always with us and we just need to stand strong and, most of all, trust Him! Never forget what an amazing Mom you are!

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